Industrial Maintenance Applications

Chemical Plants

Chemical plants typically require specialized solutions where epoxy and urethane coatings are just the start, as well as trained painting contractors with a focus on safety.  Peak Industrial Coatings has both.  ​Exposure to the chemicals in concentrated forms used in most chemical plants creates an obvious safety hazard, yet it also creates areas of high corrosion.  This requires high performance epoxy coatings to keep corrosion at bay.    

While concentrated chemicals are the obvious area of focus, by products of chemical processes often result in sulfides which create an electrolyte that falls back on to the surface of the steel and concrete throughout the plant, causing and accelerating corrosion.  Creating a neutral pH and using a high performance epoxy and polyurethane mixture has been a recipe of success around Louisville for decades.

Manufacturing Plants

Limited down time?  Lots to do?  No problem.Approaching coating as proactive maintenance can be the key to success in the manufacturing industry.  Many times, coating solutions can be achieved while working around existing processes without requiring any downtime at all.  This can lengthen service life of steel structures, process pipes, or even equipment.  How’s that for less down time?  

​Food Industry

As a painting contractor, Peak Coatings has partnered with many throughout the food industry to apply high performance epoxy and polyurethanes.  The food industry requires a unique combination of the situations outlined above such as concentrated chemicals or manufacturing constraints, yet has the added standard for cleanliness.  We understand the need to maintain absolute cleanliness, and our epoxy and polyurethane coatings can meet the high standards set for food grade environments.  Call us for more information on high performance epoxy, polyurethane, polyaspartic, polyurea systems, and more, that can withstand temperature variations, pressure washing, and more for many years. For more information see Food Industry.

Mine Industry

The Mine Industry faces many challenges making it both unique and also challenging in many of the typical ways.  Plants and facilities often face extreme amounts of less than clean moisture, vibration or movement, abrasion, and more.  These can be great candidates for flexible epoxy solutions and moisture cured polyurethanes. Lastly, the need for MSHA training–we have that too.  

Peak Coatings is certified for above ground work in all coal and hard rock mines in Kentucky and throughout the surrounding states.  For more information see Mine Industry.

Food Plants

Power plants can have the highest standard for safety of all industrial customers.  Peak Industrial Coatings embraces and even goes beyond these standards.  


While warehouses have many coatings needs, Peak specializes in industrial floors.  Even with equipment heavier than forklifts, Peak can meet floor coating needs such as, designated walkways or striping, non-slip additives, and decorative finishes.  Peak Coatings can also provide a full range of Blast Trac services to remove existing coatings, or to achieve a profile as a part of surface preparation for existing floors. 

For more information, see Floor Coatings.


Peak Coatings made its first step into the industrial world partnering with distilleries in the 60’s.  Still an integral part of our business today, distilleries are the heartbeat of Kentucky, and we are proud to support them with high performance coatings.  For more information, see Food Industry.