Sandblasting/Abrasive Blasting

Advanced Surface Preparation

Slurry-blast/Wet Abrasive Blasting

Peak Industrial Coatings is an industrial painting contractor specializing in both wet sandblasting and dry sandblasting.  Wet sandblasting uses water rather than air and can achieve a level of cleanliness rarely accomplished by other sandblasting companies.  Sending both water and blast media to the substrate at 4000 psi we achieve standard blast profiles while also providing the following benefits:

  • High pressure water blast
  • Zero to minimal dust
  • Exponentially less media used
  • Salt/Chemical removal from substrate  

Sandblasting/Abrasive Blasting

Sandblasting is the primary method of surface preparation that will both remove dirt/debris/old coating and also achieve the necessary surface profile required to anchor a coating.  While sandblasting will remove much, it is important to note that sandblasting may also embed any salts, chemicals, or other minute material residing on the substrate.  It may be best to begin a job by pressure washing to remove any salts or chemicals, or even chose wet blasting.

Sandblasting, even though we continue to call it that, can also be done with blast media other than just “sand.”  Peak Coatings can recommend the media that may best suit your needs, ranging from black beauty coal slag, to Australian garnet, glass, walnut shells, or even specialty blasting such as dry ice and sponge blasting, which may be used in food grade applications.   

High Pressure Wash

Pressure washing done at 4000-5000 psi can often be a very effective and efficient method of surface preparation.  While not sandblasting, this will typically remove lose or chipping paint, rust, debris, and dirt while also removing any salts or chemicals.  Salts are the ever present enemies of steel, as they are the electrolyte which completes the corrosion cell and causes rust.  In other words, with salt present, corrosion could continue even under some advanced epoxies and polyurethanes.  They can also cause premature coating failures.

Peak Coatings can meet all your pressure washing needs, and has great partnerships to provide other services such as water jet cleaning all the way up to 40,000 psi. 

Blast Trac

When applying floor coatings, a Blast Trac machine will “sandblast” a concrete floor using steel shot.  This is an aggressive, effective method of achieving the same cleanliness and profile on a floor required on steel.  In large setting such as warehouse floors, this may be the perfect tool for the job.  


Peak Coatings has both hand held and walk behind grinders to remove coating, rust, debris, or dirt when sandblasting or Blast Trac isn’t an option.  Grinding can be a very effective method of surface preparation which can quickly remove old coating and create a surface profile almost to the degree of sandblasting.     

Hand Tool Clean

Often the fail safe and primary method of cleaning, with many of today’s advanced coatings simple hand tool cleaning can provide the base for years of effective coating life.  This can be done using spark free, intrinsically safe tools where needed and reach in places where water and sandblasting can’t go.