Insulating Coatings

Eliminate CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)

Traditional insulation wrapping has provided a much needed service, but at a high price.  One of the leading drawbacks is CUI. 

Insulating coatings essentially eliminate CUI by shedding, or even prevent moisture on the substrate all together.  In addition, insulating coatings eliminate the need to perform tedious inspections for CUI.

Personnel Protection

Insulating coatings can provide the same level of personnel protection required by OSHA that traditional insulation can.  In fact, studies show that some insulating coatings will cool down through human contact faster than they heat up from high substrate temperatures.  ​

Eliminate/Reduce Condensation

By binding directly to the substrate as only a coating can, and allowing no air in between, insulating coatings effectively raise substrate temperatures above dew point levels eliminating the formation of condensation.

Go Where Traditional Insulation Can’t

Odd shapes, tank tops, and other complicated areas are no longer a problem.  With insulating coatings, even valves can be insulated while allowing full functionality.  Insulating coatings can also be applied in areas where traditional insulation will only be ruined by moisture.  Flat tops of items such as tanks can now be insulated–and walked on.

Energy Efficiency

Imagine the energy savings when items that couldn’t be insulated just 5 years ago, are now insulated.  As well, traditional insulation is essentially ruined when moisture has entered.  Keep your money where it belongs rather than throwing it out every time it gets wet.

Abrasion Resistance

Insulating coatings can be very flexible and forgiving.  They allow the ability to walk directly on them, or drop tools…not that it ever happens.