High Quality Industrial Painting Service

We provide industrial painting and high performance coating solutions for industrial facilities such as Chemical, Oil and Gas, Water and Waste Water, Steel Plants, Power, and more.

Trusted Industrial Painters in Louisville, Kentucky


Peak Industrial Coatings & Linings, Inc. is an industrial painting contractor focusing on the needs of industrial clients such as but not limited to chemical plants, steel plants, power plants, water, and wastewater plants. We specialize in preventing the effects of corrosion on steel, concrete, and fiberglass using epoxy, urethanes, and engineered resins.

Since 1962

Peak Industrial Coatings & Linings was incorporated as an industrial painting contractor in 1962 as the Kimmel Painting Co., by William Carl Kimmel and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.


As an industrial painting contractor, Peak has been trusted by many of Kentucky's biggest companies to perform their industrial painting for four generations. Peak is a professional painting contractor trained, equipped, and certified to do what few others can.


Our expertise as industrial painting contractors is backed by our NACE and SSPC certified industrial painting inspectors. Epoxy paints are just the start.