List of Services Provided by Us


Applied coatings is a science. High performance epoxy and urethane coatings as well as advanced DTM acrylics provide corrosion protection in addition to aesthetics. As a trained Industrial Painting Contractor, we find ourselves working on anything from pipes to floors. While our applicators are professionals, our estimators are also certified coatings inspectors through NACE and SSPC.


Whether your goal is to contain chemicals in a tank, in a secondary containment, or drain system, we can help. Peak can provide all associated preparation activities such as general cleaning, sandblasting, grinding, or high power washing, and concrete repair.


As an Industrial Painting Contractor serving Louisville for more than 60 years, our customers have been some of Kentucky's biggest buildings, oldest chemical plants, and largest power plants. We can handle all your basic painting needs and projects large and small.


Lead Paint Abatement and Containment

NACE/SSPC Certified Coatings Inspectors

LEED Accreditation



Passport/KCUC trained


Not only does Peak Coatings have an outstanding safety track record as an Industrial Painting Contractor, but we've been a primary partner with others throughout Louisville and the state implementing their own safety programs. Painting handrails, nonskid epoxy floors, warehouse floor lines, fire hydrant markings and more are critical components to keeping workers safe. We have the colors and epoxy or urethane paint systems you need to look and be your best, and our safety programs will meet the most stringent facility requirements.


​Structural steel, pipelines, tanks, machinery, even concrete floors and drains face corrosion on a constant basis. As a trained Industrial Painting Contractor, we have the epoxy and urethane products and solutions to face the task.