Secondary Containment

Protecting Our Environment

Secondary Containment

“Secondary containment systems must be designed, installed and operated to prevent any migration of wastes or accumulated liquid out of the system to the soil, ground water, or surface water at any time during the use of the tank system…” According to 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Protection of the Environment part 264.193(b).

Failures can happen.  That is why you have a back up plan.  Is your back up plan ready to work for you?  Tank failures with any type of hazardous material can have catastrophic results.  Not only does it create safety concerns, but environmental concerns as well.  Peak Coatings has a full line of Secondary Containment products able to fit any need.  For more information on your specific situation, please contact us.

Regarding Secondary Containment, it is important to note:

  • The goal of a secondary containment is to hold waste or a spill for up to 72 hours, without any leaks. 
  • Secondary containment systems can be expensive, however, EPA fines can be much worse.
  • A well done secondary containment system may have an extremely long lifespan, as in, 10-20 years, or more.  
  • As the EPA is concerned, it only takes one crack if there is a spill, to cause a failure.  For that reason we encourage you to examine them regularly, or have a professional examine them regularly.

Trench Lining

Similar to secondary containment, plant trenches, flumes, and drainage systems are often required to carry significant amounts of corrosive liquids or abrasive material.  Carrying these types of liquids on a regular basis over time results in significant wear and possible leaks or environmental concerns.

While most are initially placed into service using only concrete, Peak Coatings can rebuild the washed out concrete and applying the appropriate linings to ensure long life and strong environmental protection.

We encourage you to clean and examine all drainage systems regularly, or have a professional examine them regularly.