Water Cooling Tower Repair

Urethane Rubber Coatings

Water Cooling Towers can require extensive maintenance, and when not fully kept up, repairs or even replacement can add up quickly. 

Using high performance coating products such as CIM, 461, and EPDM, Peak Coatings can often repair corrosion damage to water cooling towers.  These repairs may result in 10 years or even more of continued service.  Even better than repairing, these coatings applied up front prior to initial use can exponentially increase the service life of your water cooling tower.  

As one example, “CIM Industries’ high performance coatings and linings form a continuous elastomeric coating able to withstand water and most chemical solutions.”–CIM Industries.

For more information on this product, please view CIM Industries.

If you are interested in learning more about how Peak Coatings can repair or prevent corrosion in your water cooling tower, please contact us.