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Protecting steel and concrete from corrosion in industrial facilities

High-quality industrial painting service for over 60 years

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Food and Distilleries
Chemical Plants
Oil & Gas Plants
Water & Waste Water Plants
Power Plants
Mine Industry

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Safety Standards

Not only does Peak Coatings have an outstanding safety track record as an Industrial Painting Contractor, but we’ve been a primary partner with others throughout Louisville and the state implementing their own safety programs. Painting handrails, nonskid epoxy floors, warehouse floor lines, fire hydrant markings and more are critical components to keeping workers safe. We have the colors and epoxy or urethane paint systems you need to look and be your best, and our safety programs will meet the most stringent facility requirements.

Corrosion Management

Structural steel, pipelines, tanks, machinery, even concrete floors and drains face corrosion on a constant basis. As a trained Industrial Painting Contractor, we have the epoxy and urethane products and solutions to face the task.

Providing superior workmanship for 60 years

Peak Coatings is a fourth-generation company that is dedicated to quality workmanship and building trust with our customers. We are experts in our industry with the experience and safety qualifications to get the job done right.
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